Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would I participate in LifeBridge?

We all need someone to talk to about stress in our lives and physicians are no different. Whether it is creating balance between work and personal life, handling your first litigation, struggling with EHRs, or feeling overworked and cynical in today’s environment, connecting with a peer helps prevent these issues from further progressing to affect your overall health and well-being. LifeBridge provides a free and confidential environment for you to do so. With no employer-referral or diagnosis, you can be assured that conversations stay between you and your LifeBridge coach.

Who can utilize the program?

LifeBridge Nebraska is currently offered free of charge to all Nebraska physicians, regardless of NMA membership status.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?


Can someone make anonymous referrals?

LifeBridge Nebraska is a self-referral program. While individuals can recommend someone to connect with LifeBridge, the referral must come from the physician themselves.

Will my employer find out? If I use LifeBridge, will the Medical Board know?

The LifeBridge Nebraska program is completely confidential. Utilizing a third-party call center service, physicians are connected to one of our coaches. Only your coach will know your identify unless you wish to share.

*If the coach feels treatment may be warranted, they will work with the physician to connect them with someone locally in their area. LifeBridge Nebraska does not offer treatment services as this time.

How long is the program?

LifeBridge is completely adaptable for each participating physician. There are currently no set limits on how many times you and your coach meet.