Testimonials and Endorsements

DHHS Division of Behavioral Health Endorsement

“LifeBridge Nebraska’s proactive efforts in providing accessible avenues for physicians to seek support, guidance, and resources play a pivotal role in preventing and addressing burnout, stress-related illnesses, and mental health concerns within our healthcare workforce.”

Tony Green
Interim Director, DHHS Division of Behavioral Health

Lancaster County Medical Society Endorsement

“Our training does not focus on properly taking care of ourselves. LifeBridge is available to assist and help you.”

Michelle Walsh, MD
Lancaster County Medical Society

Physician Testimonial

“She [Joann Schaefer, MD, LifeBridge coach] made me aware of factors I would not have considered, and offered thoughtful, practical and comfortable guidance to step back from full time.”

Eric Wiebe, MD

Nebraska Medical Foundation Endorsement

“By supporting physicians in their personal and professional growth, we are helping to develop a strong and resilient healthcare workforce that can continue to provide high-quality care for years to come.”

Michael Rapp, MD
Chair, Nebraska Medical Foundation