LifeBridge Nebraska

Every person needs a safe place they can talk about their stress and physicians are no different, which is why Nebraska Medical Association has launched LifeBridge Nebraska.

From work/life balance, litigation, family stressors, difficult patients/colleagues, to COVID fatigue/compassion fatigue—whatever the issue, LifeBridge Nebraska’s physician peer coaches provide a safe harbor. Address normal life difficulties and the challenges of a medical career, receive coaching on managing stress, and reclaim satisfaction in your career and personal life.

All physicians in Nebraska are welcome to use LifeBridge Nebraska’s peer-to-peer coaching program at no cost.

  • -Contact made with coach within 24 hours
  • -No insurance
  • -No information disclosed to employers, licensure, or medical board
  • -Free to all physicians in the state of Nebraska
  • -Private and confidential
Our hope is that Nebraska physicians will seek help as a normal response to acute and chronic stress rather than just “powering through.”

LifeBridge recognizes Healthy Blue as “Champion for Physician Wellness”

LifeBridge Nebraska has received $200,000 from Healthy Blue to help support the needs of all Nebraska physicians and residents. Healthy Blue was recognized as a “Champion for Physician Wellness” by LifeBridge Nebraska at a recently held presentation ceremony where the organizations came together to address the ongoing need for physical, emotional, and mental health resources

Bryan Health signs on as LifeBridge Sustainability Partner

LifeBridge Nebraska recognizes Bryan Health, who have made a 5-year commitment supporting the peer-to-peer physician coaching program. Physician wellness is a priority for Bryan as they understand physicians who are well provide the best care possible to their patients, leading to better health outcomes. “Resiliency and burnout is an ongoing concern and challenge for healthcare

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