Meet our Coaches

Todd Stull, MD, CPDC

LifeBridge Nebraska Medical Director

Certified Physician Development Coach

Dr. Stull is a practicing psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist in the Omaha area who received his medical degree from UNMC and did his residency training in the Creighton-Nebraska Department of Psychiatry.  He has worked in rural, academic, government, and public sector settings.  Dr. Stull has a longstanding interest in physician health and well-being.  He has worked with physicians for over 20 years to help address the challenges they face and to assist with solutions.

Joann Schaefer, MD

Dr. Schaefer received her medical degree from Creighton University in family medicine. Her medical experience includes working in a clinical setting as well as having served as the state’s Chief Medical Officer for 11 years.  Passionate about the wellbeing of others, Dr. Schaefer has graciously volunteered her public health expertise in numerous capacities—including physician wellbeing. She strives to focus on the whole person, leading to more positive outcomes. Dr. Schaefer leads from all sides of healthcare—she’s a trusted, proven, positive change agent and influencer. Be it as a physician, a payer, a regulator, and a patient, she harnesses her passion as a trailblazer for good.

George Greene, MD

Dr. Greene is a practicing neurosurgeon in the Omaha metro area.  He has practiced medicine in several distinct environments: as a community physician at an academic medical center, managing a community solo medical practice and small group practice, and being a member of a large group practice. Dr. Greene understands the challenges of balancing work and personal life and how difficult that can be as a physician as well as the complexities of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Michelle Sell, MD

Dr. Sell is a practicing family physician in Columbus, Nebraska.  She has over 10 years of experience working as a rural physician in both private and employed practices.  Dr. Sell has experience navigating the generational gaps and is familiar with the nuances of providing care to aging parents.  She understands the difficulties of life balance – as a busy physician, spouse, and mother of three children. Dr. Sell is a Nebraska native and attended undergrad and medical school in Nebraska.