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About LifeBridge Nebraska

The overarching objective of LifeBridge is to support the wellbeing of physicians by engagement and being proactive to take care of themselves throughout their lives. After extensive discussions and exploration of issues and needs related to physician health, we determined that the best path toward positive, effective support for physicians was to train physician coaches to work with physicians who may be experiencing burnout and stress. 

Stress-induced burnout among physicians, physicians-in-training, and medical students is not new, but until recently, it was generally assumed to be infrequent, overlooked, and controllable. Isolation, guilt, and despair can be overwhelming with providing medical care and decision-making. In rural settings, physicians often experience incredible exhaustion from being on call and the demands of practice. Physicians often suffer in silence when patients do not do well and struggle to find comfort in the process. Unrelenting administrative burdens, the use of electronic medical records, and increasing regulations compound everyday pressures.

LifeBridge offers confidential access to any of four trained physician coaches representing various specialties and practice settings. The trained physician coaches address physicians who are experiencing burnout and distress as well as those who are seeking preventive measures to be proactive.

Coaching sessions may center around several topics such as gaining clarity in your purpose, achieving your health & fitness goals, igniting passion in your relationships, becoming a more effective leader, and preparing, implementing, and maintaining changes. If a physician is experiencing a more serious problem, a referral will be made to ensure they can receive the appropriate level of help needed.