LifeBridge recognizes Healthy Blue as “Champion for Physician Wellness”

LifeBridge Nebraska has received $200,000 from Healthy Blue to help support the needs of all Nebraska physicians and residents. Healthy Blue was recognized as a “Champion for Physician Wellness” by LifeBridge Nebraska at a recently held presentation ceremony where the organizations came together to address the ongoing need for physical, emotional, and mental health resources for local physicians due to the challenging environment. 

LifeBridge Nebraska was developed by the Nebraska Medical Foundation and Nebraska Medical Association to address physician health and wellness. As a physician wellness program, LifeBridge Nebraska offers confidential access to trained physician coaches representing various specialties and practice settings. The trained physician coaches work with physicians who are experiencing burnout and distress, as well as those who are seeking preventive measures to be proactive. This collaboration highlights the commitment to physician health and wellbeing.

“The Nebraska Medical Foundation and Nebraska Medical Association have a long-standing partnership with Healthy Blue and are incredibly grateful for their financial contribution to LifeBridge Nebraska. We are honored to have Healthy Blue support our program and to help us further the mission. This significant contribution provides new opportunities for LifeBridge Nebraska that will have a lasting impact to provide this resource to Nebraskan physicians,” said Amy Reynoldson, Nebraska Medical Association’s executive vice president.

“Healthy Blue continues to focus on providing the necessary tools and resources to local healthcare professionals to ensure they feel supported with their overall health and wellbeing,” said Dr. Rob Rhodes, MD, Healthy Blue Nebraska interim president. “Physicians are the backbone to our ever-changing and challenging environment, and we are honored to work with LifeBridge Nebraska to encourage physician self-care and better work-life flexibility. Healthy Blue is proud to invest in programs that deliver on our mission of improving lives and communities.” 

“The program was created by physicians for physicians,” said Dr. Todd Stull, MD, LifeBridge Nebraska’s medical director and physician coach. “We know that job demands and stressors are increasing and vary for all healthcare professionals. Solely focusing on physicians allows LifeBridge Nebraska to address individualized factors that are leading to burnout and directly impacting our healthcare system. The effects of these coaching approaches can have a positive impact on the entire healthcare team, as well as patient outcomes.”

Every physician needs a safe place to talk about their stress. Coaching sessions center around the physician’s identified needs and include gaining clarity in purpose, achieving health & fitness goals, igniting passion in relationships, becoming a more effective leader, and preparing, implementing, and maintaining changes. Ultimately, the program’s goal is to assist physicians in reclaiming satisfaction in their career and personal life.

If you are a physician interested in using LifeBridge Nebraska, call the free and confidential line at 1-888-569-2036. To learn more about the program, visit or contact LifeBridge Nebraska Program Coordinator Lindsey Hanlon at 402-413-2060.

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