LifeBridge Partner Appreciation

LifeBridge Nebraska has experienced tremendous growth over the past few months and much of that is in part to our generous sustainability partners. Our partners have demonstrated that they value and prioritize the health and wellness of Nebraska physicians. With their support, LifeBridge can continue to provide our confidential peer-to-peer physician coaching completely free of charge. Please take a moment to check out our partners websites.

Hospital and Healthcare Systems

Bryan Health

Dr. John Trapp, MD, Bryan Health Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Darla Eisenhauer, MD, chair of Bryan’s Health and Wellness Committee were presented their award for their 5-year commitment to help support LifeBridge Nebraska.

Columbus Community Hospital

To accept the recognition award on behalf of Columbus Community Hospital (CCH) was Dr. Mark Howerter, MD, Physician Director of Emergency Medicine, Mike Hansen, President & CEO, and Amy Blaser, Vice President of Physicians Relations and Business Development. CCH supported the program with a 5-year commitment.

Faith Regional Health Services

Faith Regional Health Services was an early supporter of the LifeBridge Nebraska program and was recognized for their 1-year sustainability commitment.


Healthy Blue Nebraska

In January of 2022, Healthy Blue Nebraska awarded LifeBridge a $200,000 sustainability contribution. Thanks to their generous contribution, LifeBridge continues to grow and expand services for all Nebraska physicians. Healthy Blue was recognized as a “Champion for Physician Wellness” and the award was accepted on behalf of Healthy Blue Nebraska by Dr. Rob Rhodes, MD, President of Healthy Blue Nebraska and Dr. Martin Wetzel, MD, Medical Director for Behavioral Health Read their article in the NMA Advocate magazine here.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

BCBSNE was another early supporter of the LifeBridge program with their 5-year commitment. To accept the recognition award on behalf of BCBSNE was Dr. Josette Gordon-Simet, MD, Chief Medical Officer. BCBSNE continue to prioritize the health and wellness of physicians in Nebraska.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare was presented with a recognition award for their 2-year commitment to support the health and wellness of Nebraska physicians. The award was accepted on behalf of United Healthcare by Jeff Stafford, CEO and Dr. Julie Fedderson, MD, Chief Medical Officer.

Nebraska Total Care

Nebraska Total Care demonstrated their support of the health and wellness of their physicians by contributing a 2-year commitment to help sustain the LifeBridge Nebraska program. Accepting the award on behalf of Nebraska Total Care was Heath Phillips, Plan President & CEO and Dr. Christopher Elliott, MD, Chief Medical Director.



COPIC has continuously supported the LifeBridge Nebraska since the beginning of the program. Nebraska Medical Association’s Executive Vice President Amy Reynoldson had the opportunity to present the recognition award on a recent visit to their Colorado office. Accepting the award was Dr. Gerald Zarlengo, MD, CEO, and Beverly Razon, Vice President of Public Affairs.

LifeBridge would also like to thank Methodist Fremont Health for their donation to the program following education presentations to their medical staff.

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