Enhancing Physician Well-being: Introducing the LifeBridge Nebraska Advisory Committee

The well-being of healthcare professionals is paramount to the provision of high-quality care. Recognizing the importance of physician wellness, LifeBridge Nebraska has taken a significant step by establishing an Advisory Committee for its physician wellness program. This committee aims to provide invaluable guidance and support in addressing the unique challenges faced by physicians and promoting their overall well-being.

Addressing Physician Burnout

Physician burnout has become a pervasive concern in the healthcare industry, affecting not only individual physicians but also patient care. Long working hours, high job demands, administrative burdens, and emotional exhaustion can contribute to burnout. By establishing the Advisory Committee, LifeBridge Nebraska recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to combatting burnout and fostering a healthier work environment.

Expert Guidance and Collaboration

The Advisory Committee consists of a diverse group of physicians and representatives from LifeBridge Nebraska. This collaborative effort ensures a holistic approach to physician wellness, as the committee can draw from a broad range of expertise and perspectives.

The committee members, appointed for their knowledge and experience in healthcare and well-being, will work closely with LifeBridge Nebraska’s leadership to identify areas of improvement and implement evidence-based strategies. Their input will be invaluable in developing initiatives and policies that prioritize physician well-being while maintaining high standards of patient care.

Tailored Support and Resources

The primary objective of the Advisory Committee is to support LifeBridge in achieving its initiatives and serve as a resource to address the specific needs of physicians across Nebraska. Recognizing that each physician’s journey is unique, the committee will focus on developing individualized support systems and resources.

Promoting a Culture of Wellness

Beyond providing resources and support, the establishment of the Advisory Committee aims to foster a culture of wellness within LifeBridge Nebraska. By prioritizing physician well-being, the organization sends a clear message that the health and happiness of their healthcare professionals are integral to the success of the organization.

The committee will actively engage with physicians to better understand their needs and concerns, and communicate the importance of self-care and work-life balance. This collaborative approach will empower physicians to take ownership of their well-being and encourage a positive and supportive work environment.

Healthcare OrganizationsGarnet Blatchford, MD
Omaha Metro
Mark Davis, MD
Greater Nebraska
Darla Eisenhauer, MD
Lancaster County
Krista Goins, MD
Lancaster County
Kurt Kapels, MD
Greater Nebraska
Chris Maloney, MD
Omaha Metro
Nebraska Medical FoundationTodd Hlavaty, MD
PayersChris Elliott, MD
Nebraska Total Care
Julie Fedderson, MD
United Healthcare
PhysiciansSian Jones-Jobst, MD
Lincoln, NE
Harris Frankel, MD
Omaha, NE
Dan Rosenquist, MD
Greater Nebraska
Steering CommitteeJoann Schaefer, MD
LifeBridgeLindsey Hanlon
Program Coordinator
Todd Stull, MD
Medical Director
Amy Reynoldson
Nebraska Medical Association EVP

The introduction of the Advisory Committee for the LifeBridge Nebraska physician wellness program marks an important milestone in prioritizing physician well-being. By bringing together experts from diverse fields and tailoring support to individual needs, LifeBridge Nebraska is taking proactive steps to combat physician burnout and foster a culture of wellness.

The committee’s efforts will not only benefit physicians but also enhance the quality of patient care by ensuring that healthcare professionals are mentally and emotionally supported. As the program evolves and initiatives are implemented, LifeBridge Nebraska reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of Nebraska physicians and sets an example for other healthcare institutions to prioritize the welfare of their medical professionals.

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